New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 Shiseido – Review

Do you prefer pencil, powder, mascara applicator, liquid pencil or wax for your eyebrows.  I’ve used them all and I must say that liquid brow pencil and crayon is one of my favorites.  It is user friendly and helps create a very natural look.  I used to have water in a mini spray bottle to wet my angel brush so I can use my eye shadow as a brow filler.  But, now I don’t need to do that.

New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 has become a must-have for my daily make up routine.  Nice looking brows can help shape and enhance the rest of your face.  Remember to trim and clean it often so they don’t look like they’ve been neglected.

One end of the dual brow filler is a thin, pointed applicator brush that can help achieve a nice line and shape for the end of your brows.  The other end is a twist crayon so you don’t need to sharpen it.

Look at your hair color and use a color that is slightly lighter than your hair color so when you fill in your brows they won’t look like you have a pair of bushy Caterpillars.

Below are some images I’ve taken and I’m apologize for the blurriness as I lost my camera.


Shu Uemura High Performance Balance Cleansing Oil

I’ve always had slightly oily skin and when I used to always hear people using cleansing oil, it’d send shivers down my spine.  To my surprise, it’s now one of my favorite face cleansers!  I only need 1-2 pumps and apply it evenly all over my face, then emulsify with a bit of water then rinse off.  ALL of my make-up would just melt off my face which saves me time and money on the make up remover.  The price is a little steep but if you buy the larger bottle it’s a better deal.

I haven’t had any problems with break-outs since I started using this, in fact, my skin has improved because it regulates my skin and cleanses gently without stripping all the good stuff.

Go to your nearest Shu Uemura counter and ask for a sample to try~

Becoming a Hairdresser Week 14 + 15

On week 14 we had a short and easy week due to the holiday season.  It is really nice to have a few days of break once in a while to recuperate and regain the strength to keep pushing yourself to work harder.

Last week, I did a Balayage technique on a client and it was so fun!  The results were wonderful and I can’t wait to do it again on someone else.  This technique was first developed in the 1970’s in Paris and the word in French means “to sweep”.  Chunky highlights are not cool anymore.  The hair lightener is applied with a sweeping motion and without foils so the result is more natural and easy to maintain since it is not applied near the roots.

Baylayage is becoming increasingly popular and can be seen on TV and magazines everywhere.  Which girl doesn’t want beautiful sun-kissed hair that brightens their face and gives them glow!  I sure do! Here are a few pictures of the technique.

Wigs for your lashes.

Girls, got short lashes but don’t like wearing falsies?  Not a problem because fiberwigs are here to save the day!

I got this Flamingo Fiberwig Mascara from China and it works great!

Back of the box with instructions

It’s pretty straight forward as to how to use it.  First apply the black primer evenly onto your lashes.

Flamingo Primer in Black

Second, apply a thin layer of fiber by dabbing onto the lashes.  When applying fiber you don’t need a lot and start application at the middle of the lashes extending to the ends .


Use a lash brush to comb out any clumps and strays because the fibers can cause feathering on the lashes and it looks like your lashes have split ends.

For even longer lashes, just repeat steps one and two.  Make sure to let each coat dry to prevent clumping.



Here’s a before and after picture(sorry about the blurry images).

TIP!  **A trick that you can try is using the fiberwig mascara first and after it dries follow up with another coat of volumizing mascara.**

This mascara is not waterproof and removes like the KissMe mascara, all you need is warm water but I prefer using makeup remover because it removes all of my makeup in one.

If you are in the Vancouver BC region, I would be more than happy to help you order them from China, but if you’re skeptical about products Made in China, you can always purchase ones available here!

Here’s a few other options that are also great products.

Canmake Highlight Graduation~

Highlighting is one of my favorite things to do while putting makeup on.  You can really change your features with a good highlighter some simple techniques.  Canmake is a Japanese brand and they make a wide range of cosmetic products that appeal to young women.

Canmake Highlight Graduation is a palette with different shades of white.  You can use them separately as eyeshadow or whole as a highlighter.  The packaging is very cute and the brush is so soft!

The pigmentation is very nice and powdery.  I love how it doesn’t have a yellow undertones in it.  It’s great for inner eye corners, under your brows, and bridge of your nose.

Have an instant nose-job with no downtime with this shimmery highlighter!  Also, create a cute anime eyes with some pupil enlarging contacts.  Everyone should have a great highlighter in their makeup collection.

This product is relatively cheap so everyone can purchase this.  Thanks for reading!

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