New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 Shiseido – Review

Do you prefer pencil, powder, mascara applicator, liquid pencil or wax for your eyebrows.  I’ve used them all and I must say that liquid brow pencil and crayon is one of my favorites.  It is user friendly and helps create a very natural look.  I used to have water in a mini spray bottle to wet my angel brush so I can use my eye shadow as a brow filler.  But, now I don’t need to do that.

New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 has become a must-have for my daily make up routine.  Nice looking brows can help shape and enhance the rest of your face.  Remember to trim and clean it often so they don’t look like they’ve been neglected.

One end of the dual brow filler is a thin, pointed applicator brush that can help achieve a nice line and shape for the end of your brows.  The other end is a twist crayon so you don’t need to sharpen it.

Look at your hair color and use a color that is slightly lighter than your hair color so when you fill in your brows they won’t look like you have a pair of bushy Caterpillars.

Below are some images I’ve taken and I’m apologize for the blurriness as I lost my camera.


Kate Brown Collection eyeshadow eyebrow BR-3 by Kanebo

Last year Kate came out with a Brown Collection duo pack that comes with a 3 shade eyeshadow palette and a 2-tone eyebrow palette.

I know I’m a bit slow on this but the colors are so beautiful who cares if they’re from last year.  This collection has 4 different combinations varying in brow color and the accent shadow color.  You should match your brow palette closest to your hair color.

The pigmentation isn’t as strong as NARS or Mac but it’s definitely easy and fun to use.  I love the powdery texture and the shimmery shades.

My Fall 2010 Fashion Wish List

Have you seen the trends for this year’s fall collections?  It’s all about fur, military, poncho, knitted loose sweaters, studded shoes, and knitted socks with heels!

The weather will start getting cooler whether we like it or not, so start preparing for the upcoming season.  Your closet may already have most of your essentials such as loose tees, knee high socks, long summer floral dresses, and fitted pants.  To add a new spin on them you can incorporate new items.

Some must-haves for autumn is fur, fur, and fur.  Of course, faux would be my choice but recycled is good also.  Fur is a great accent to all of your outfits.  Fur vests, boots, and accessories are such fun and a great investment to future outfits.  All of these items can also be used in your winter wardrobe.

If you live in an area where the weather does not require too much clothing, keep wearing those long floral sun dresses but add a short, wide-neck, off-shoulder tee that’ll cover more skin but still be appropriate for the weather!

Wear those beautiful shorts that you only purchased last month and add a knitted sweater with a long tee inside for a laid-back but sweet look.  Put on some knee-high socks and heels.  Remember to wear a headband with a giant ribbon.  It’ll look super duper cute!!

There’s rules for looking IN for the upcoming season.  Your tops are either short or long.  Normal length seems to not exist!  Add a loosely knitted poncho to make your overly worn jean-skirt and tee pop.  Also, earthy tones can really do wonders to your skin.

Vintage blazers can really dress things up and provide some warmth during the night.  Wear a summer lacy skirt to balance out the masculinity.  Pair with some ankle socks and heels.  Remember to stick to earthy tones.

You can almost replace all of your sandals for a pair of fury or knitted boots for an updated look.  If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a new pair of knitted boots, especially if it rains a lot in your area, buy some knitted leg warmers and wear them on top of your heels.

Go for a couple of pieces of clothing that are khaki, grey, brown, and mossy greens.  These colors are reflective of the military styles, using the natural colors of earth and adding style to them.  I love it!

Be creative and wear clothes that make you feel great and happy.  Enjoy the little things in life.

PS. Wish I had more photos…I’ll make sure to take lots in the future.

Need a color update~ Prettia Hair Color is my new favorite!


Prettia Mocha Orange

I had dry hair issues for a few months because I had digital perm and color in the same week…  I regret doing that so much and have learnt my lesson.    I go shopping at T&T for groceries a couple times a week and noticed they carried some Japanese hair dye.    Previously, I dyed my hair an ash brown with a green shade and I loved it but I wanted to go a bit orange this time.  I have tried Palto before and they were alright so I decided to buy this Prettia Hair Color in Mocha Orange.

Contents of the box

The box comes with a pump, 2 bottles of liquids, and a hair lotion.  I actually didn’t know that this was foam until I was going to use it because I didn’t really pay attention (something that I do on a daily basis) haha.  I started with my hair unwashed and unbrushed to keep my scalp and hair slightly oily from the day.  If you have really tangly hair, don’t worry about it, you won’t be needing to brush it out.  Pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 and mix gently by tilting it up and down.  Make sure you do not put on the pump for this.  After 5-6 shakes take off the white cap and twist on the pink pump.  Start from the crown with your hair parted, then work your way out.  Then work on the back of your head, then the ends last.  I don’t have too much hair and only ended up using half the bottle.  There is a lot of foam in that little bottle.  It did not sting my scalp while it was on my head and the scent is better than most hair color.

Foam dispensed by squeezing bottle

After applying the dye

Close up.

Because I haven’t dyed my hair in a while, I left the dye on the darker roots for 10 minutes longer than the rest.  All together I left the dye in my hair for 30 minutes.  It did not drip or get too messy.  The foaming bottle is really cute and easy to use.  After 30 minutes I rinsed, shampooed, conditioned, and used the hair lotion after.  When I rinsed off the hair dye, my hair did not feel as if it had just been colored.  This dye did not damage my hair like the other drug store brands.





I dried my hair and couldn’t believe my eyes.  I didn’t even need a brush to smooth out the hair.  This foamy little bottle changed my black hair into a beautiful brown with a tint of orange!  Exactly what I wanted.  It was late at night so I couldn’t see what it would look like in the daytime but I was happy already.  As you can see I started out with really black 5 inch roots and then ended up with shimmery even color from root to ends.

The price of this hair dye is similar to drug store brands but quality is way better.  I was thinking maybe this is made by Japanese and therefore works better on my Asian hair.  This is definitely worth the buy and is so fun to play with.  Thanks for reading!