Shiseido Dramatical Eyes Long & Curl – Review

I recently purchsed Dramatical Eyes Long mascara from a local Asian beauty products store. I’ve used it a few times now and I really like how it makes my lashes long but it doesn’t really do much in terms of volume. It contains fibers and you can see immediately when you look at the brush. Promises to curl the lashes are very minimal.


Wigs for your lashes.

Girls, got short lashes but don’t like wearing falsies?  Not a problem because fiberwigs are here to save the day!

I got this Flamingo Fiberwig Mascara from China and it works great!

Back of the box with instructions

It’s pretty straight forward as to how to use it.  First apply the black primer evenly onto your lashes.

Flamingo Primer in Black

Second, apply a thin layer of fiber by dabbing onto the lashes.  When applying fiber you don’t need a lot and start application at the middle of the lashes extending to the ends .


Use a lash brush to comb out any clumps and strays because the fibers can cause feathering on the lashes and it looks like your lashes have split ends.

For even longer lashes, just repeat steps one and two.  Make sure to let each coat dry to prevent clumping.



Here’s a before and after picture(sorry about the blurry images).

TIP!  **A trick that you can try is using the fiberwig mascara first and after it dries follow up with another coat of volumizing mascara.**

This mascara is not waterproof and removes like the KissMe mascara, all you need is warm water but I prefer using makeup remover because it removes all of my makeup in one.

If you are in the Vancouver BC region, I would be more than happy to help you order them from China, but if you’re skeptical about products Made in China, you can always purchase ones available here!

Here’s a few other options that are also great products.

Blind Puppy from the Mill ep. 2

If you haven’t read the first episode, you may want to read that first.  Here –

I love my dog, ZhuZhu aka Juice, and especially her bitchy attitude. She is so proud and confident but there’s always a downside to being too proud because she never backs down in a fight.
I have had to break-up some pretty bad arguments between her and her brother, FeiFei aka Buddy.

In April of 2006, a turn of events changed a dominant and proud dog into a scared and insecure pup.  It all began when she refuses to go up and downstairs and then walking into things.  I knew something definitely was wrong and took her to see a vet.  They did a series of tests and found nothing wrong physically so the doctor said something is wrong with her eyes.  Since the changes began, it only took a short three weeks for her world to be in entire darkness.  Thinking back, I really didn’t know what to do or how to take care of a blind dog.  All I know is that I wanted to find out what was wrong and fix it.

Initially, the doctors said it was Distichiasis and it’s causing irritation therefore causing her vision to blur.  A surgeon specializing in dog’s lids told me that both of my pugs needed to have their eyelashes removed.  I decided to not have it done since a relative’s Chow Chow Had it done and is disfigured forever.  After seeing our normal vet and the Dr. Scarface, we went for a second opinion at a different vet and they said it seemed like something else but they were unsure so they referred us to an eye specialist.  There, the specialist did some light shining and looking in her eyes and gave us the bad news with a hefty invoice.  I started to feel the pain, you’ll know this if you’re a pet owner.  I love my dog but I didn’t want to end up broke.  After some tears and sadness, she started to adjust immediately but slowly.

My dog has what is called Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). It’s a retinal disease that causes blindness.  This is a slow progressing disease and is not painful so your dog will not blink or squint or have reddened eyes.  Some may notice a shine from your pet’s eyes caused by dilated pupils not responding to light as quickly as the unaffected dogs.  Other signs of PRA is loss of night vision.  I noticed these symptoms in Juice.  Something that was really comforting was that I didn’t do anything to cause her blindness because it is an inherited condition.

For a few days she would huddle in the corner of the room and whimper and shiver.  The thought of it still breaks my heart.  Eventually, she started to memorize the map of the house, though she still would not go up or down the stairs.
The doctors took so long to come up with a diagnosis.  After paying three thousand dollars to finally find out what is wrong with my dog, there was nothing that could be done.

Today, she has adapted to her surroundings well, but occasionally still walks into walls and chairs.  Otherwise, I’ve trained her to step on and off curbs by giving her a command.  She has also learnt to breathe extra hard when walking because she can tell if there are things in front of her.  Even with her eye handicapped, she is still very protective of her pack.  She tends to growl at dogs that pass by when she’s on a walk.

One thing that I’ve noticed about Juice is how much she sleeps and what she does when she is sleeping.  I started noticing after about a year that she loved to sleep.  Any chance she gets, she wants to close her eyes and sleep.  Do you know why?  It’s because she can see in her dreams.  Her dreams are always so intense and her body and facial expressions are so exaggerated.  Sometimes, I’ll wake her up because it seems like she’s scared but most of the time she’s just running around playing or bossing some other dog around in her dream.

Sometimes, when she’s sleeping I would stare at her and try to determine what she’s dreaming about.  Her tongue is so distracting when it’s flailing around when she’s dreaming.  How cute!

Because I love my dogs so much, I will never give up and I encourage all pet owners out there to be committed to their pets even if the pet’s health may not be ideal.  Give your pets the love they deserve.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the doctors that I visited.

Watch her falling asleep here~

My puppies from the mill…

On a warm summer day in 2001, I purchased 2 black pugs from a farm in Langley.  Without doing much research on how to buy a healthy dog, my boyfriend and I impulsively bought two black pug puppies.  Even though I understand that I contributed to the evil doings of these puppy mill owners, I do not regret owning these pugs one bit.  Luckily, my boyfriend’s parents are lovely people and were so accommodating for us to bring two dogs into their home.

We decided on pugs based on their demeanor, flat face, clown-like personality, and extreme stubbornness.   Under classifieds in the newspaper we found “black pug puppies for sale” and it didn’t take long till we decided to drive to Langley because we could hardly wait to see the puppies, whether we were going to buy them or not.  We arrived at a beautiful farm home and there we were greeted by a very friendly black pug that ended up being the uncle of the litter.  As we were escorted by the owner of the house into a cute little shed, there we heard the faint whimpers and shuffling of 2 litters of puppies.  Both litters were pugs but one was fawn and the other was black.  I have never been so mesmerized by cuteness.  It’s like the recent episode of Futurama where the cats controlled the humans with their cute powers.  There were a few puppies that caught our eyes.  Initially, wanted to get only one but my boyfriend’s mother wanted to get another one so that the other puppy would have a companion.

Shortly after we looked at the puppies, we wanted one so badly, so we called my boyfriend’s mother and she arrived with my boyfriend’s little brother.  The puppies that we were interested in were brought out so we could have a better look at them.  One of the black pugs was extremely friendly, and decided it was okay to chew on my boyfriend’s shoe laces and after chewing, he needed to pee, so what better place than my boyfriend’s shoe^^.  He was obviously claiming my boyfriend as his property!  So, he decided that he wanted him.  However, I was looking at this particular puppy that was in the corner, quiet, and still.  She was the smallest of the black litter and had the most innocent face.  My mother taught me to hold the puppy upside down to see if they were well-behaved.  And so I did, she was very still and did not struggle.  I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine….then I decided she was the one that’s going to enjoy a spoiled life with me until the day she dies.

In the end, we adopted two cute little black pugs for the price of $1,600 CAN, whether they were pure bred or not.  In the future, I will only adopt puppies or dogs from animal shelters. There are so many animals out there that need a good home.  Also, I don’t want to be the cause of a poor animal out there that’s being treated like a breeding factory.  Our dogs have health issues that I will be talking about later on.

Here you can find more information on puppy mills.