New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 Shiseido – Review

Do you prefer pencil, powder, mascara applicator, liquid pencil or wax for your eyebrows.  I’ve used them all and I must say that liquid brow pencil and crayon is one of my favorites.  It is user friendly and helps create a very natural look.  I used to have water in a mini spray bottle to wet my angel brush so I can use my eye shadow as a brow filler.  But, now I don’t need to do that.

New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 has become a must-have for my daily make up routine.  Nice looking brows can help shape and enhance the rest of your face.  Remember to trim and clean it often so they don’t look like they’ve been neglected.

One end of the dual brow filler is a thin, pointed applicator brush that can help achieve a nice line and shape for the end of your brows.  The other end is a twist crayon so you don’t need to sharpen it.

Look at your hair color and use a color that is slightly lighter than your hair color so when you fill in your brows they won’t look like you have a pair of bushy Caterpillars.

Below are some images I’ve taken and I’m apologize for the blurriness as I lost my camera.


Finger Waves – Suki’s Hairdressing Academy

I recorded this video when I was in school and forgot to upload it!  This video really helped me when I was practicing.

Prep the hair by wetting down the hair and then applied a generous but not dripping amount of gel.  Comb thoroughly and then follow the video.

Filling in your hair color with L’oreal Professional Hair Color.

imageSo you bleached out your hair and want to go back to a darker shade. Make sure you follow the necessary steps to prevent a muddy color result.
We used L’oreal color line and below are the formulas.


This is after the filler.  Do not be afraid!  This is a necessary step to prevent a muddy color.


Filler: Demi with 6.34 or 6.43
Color Root and mid ends: Permanent with 6.13 + 6n
Color Ends : Permanent with 6.1 + 6.03 5N and hot water


Suki’s Apprentice month 1

So after my foundations course I decided to do further training with Suki’s.  They hold apprentice color and styling training nights twice a week after work hours.  Sometimes, a few of us don’t get to attend due to closing schedules but that’s okay.

My co-workers are all very supportive and great to work with.  They give constructive criticisms and are genuinely trying to help you reach your dream.

To pass the apprenticeship program you have to complete all of their test modules.  These  modules are mainly blow-drying, styling, and cutting.  After this you can decide whether you want to specialize in tech or stylist.  Prior to starting my apprenticeship program I wanted to become a tech specialist but now I’m not so sure.  They’re both so fun!

I am so grateful to all my co-workers for being supportive and inspiring me at this point in my life.

Feel free to visit their website at

Shu Uemura High Performance Balance Cleansing Oil

I’ve always had slightly oily skin and when I used to always hear people using cleansing oil, it’d send shivers down my spine.  To my surprise, it’s now one of my favorite face cleansers!  I only need 1-2 pumps and apply it evenly all over my face, then emulsify with a bit of water then rinse off.  ALL of my make-up would just melt off my face which saves me time and money on the make up remover.  The price is a little steep but if you buy the larger bottle it’s a better deal.

I haven’t had any problems with break-outs since I started using this, in fact, my skin has improved because it regulates my skin and cleanses gently without stripping all the good stuff.

Go to your nearest Shu Uemura counter and ask for a sample to try~

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