Shiseido Dramatical Eyes Long & Curl – Review

I recently purchsed Dramatical Eyes Long mascara from a local Asian beauty products store. I’ve used it a few times now and I really like how it makes my lashes long but it doesn’t really do much in terms of volume. It contains fibers and you can see immediately when you look at the brush. Promises to curl the lashes are very minimal.


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Benefit – Beyond Mascara “they’re Real!” – Review

It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged!!  I moved to Taiwan a couple of months ago and am now working hard at my new job as a hair stylist.

Mascara is one of my must-haves in my make up kit because it gives me a quick pick-me-up in only a couple of minutes.  I bought Benefit’s new “they’re Real!” mascara a while ago and had high hopes for it but I prefer the Bad Gal version.  My favorite is the plum Bad Gal mascara as an everyday mascara.

I think the main reason is the brush.  I love applying mascara with the plump bristly brush that Bad Gal provides.  I feel it gives me a lot more volume than “they’re Real”.

With any mascara, if you want more volume, apply mascara to the roots of the lashes first, let dry, then apply another coat from root to ends.  Then repeat if necessary.  Usually, two coats is plenty for me.

If you want a more latex feel in your mascara and like a quick application for a dramatic feel, pick one up at your local beauty store.  Good luck!


New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 Shiseido – Review

Do you prefer pencil, powder, mascara applicator, liquid pencil or wax for your eyebrows.  I’ve used them all and I must say that liquid brow pencil and crayon is one of my favorites.  It is user friendly and helps create a very natural look.  I used to have water in a mini spray bottle to wet my angel brush so I can use my eye shadow as a brow filler.  But, now I don’t need to do that.

New Born Lasting W Brow LB3 has become a must-have for my daily make up routine.  Nice looking brows can help shape and enhance the rest of your face.  Remember to trim and clean it often so they don’t look like they’ve been neglected.

One end of the dual brow filler is a thin, pointed applicator brush that can help achieve a nice line and shape for the end of your brows.  The other end is a twist crayon so you don’t need to sharpen it.

Look at your hair color and use a color that is slightly lighter than your hair color so when you fill in your brows they won’t look like you have a pair of bushy Caterpillars.

Below are some images I’ve taken and I’m apologize for the blurriness as I lost my camera.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel – Review

Having a light and hydrating eye cream/gel in your everyday routine will help ensure that your eyes remain youthful for as long as possible.  I find that a lot of people have little bumps around their eyes called milia and don’t understand why.  There are a few things to keep in mind when you are applying products on your face.  You should never apply face cream/lotion around your eyes and do not use a heavy cream if you know you are prone to developing milia around your eyes.  Try to avoid aggressive chemicals, picking at it with your hands, rough pillow cases, and sun exposure.  The skin around our eye is extremely sensitive and must be dealt with the utmost care.  If it has not gone away in a few months and have gotten worse please consult your family physician.

I’ve used this soothing-eye-gel for a couple of months and I must say that it does keep the puffiness down and brightens the eyes.  It contains organic cucumbers, green tea, chamomile, and dead sea minerals.  It’s very gentle and I have not experienced any sensitivity around my eyes.  I use this during the day time and sometimes at night.  This product can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart for around $20.

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