I was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver, BC in 1999.  I have an older brother and a younger sister, even though my parents are no longer together, they’re both happily married and leading fulfilling lives.  During my teens, I had problematic skin and was always self-conscious.  Unsure of what to do, I started doing research and testing products.

At VCC, I obtained my medical office assistance diploma and worked in the medical field for a while but was not satisfied.  Somehow, everyone around me knew that beauty and fashion was something that I was meant to do but me!  I am not trained in esthetics or make-up, though I did take a beginners class in make-up when I was 16.  I acquired my knowledge through reading, watching TV, and self-teaching.

I can speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and can read some Chinese; also, I am casually learning Japanese and Korean.  I love to sing and can play the Piano, flute, and guitar.  Last year, I received a guitar as a Christmas gift so I practice whenever I can watching Youtube videos.

Currently I’m going back to school and will blog about that starting in September.  Writing diaries has always been something that I loved to do because I found it very therapeutic and I loved reading them after a long period of time.  I hope to share my knowledge and also learn from gals all over the world, especially Asian-influenced beauty secrets because I am obsessed with it.  I have skin with a sallow under-tone so I always try to find ways to look brighter.

I have battled PCOS for a long time and it has been something that has brought my confidence down not only by myself, but from other people.  I wish to reach out to all the gals out there and share with them my beauty secrets that helped me gain more confidence in myself.

All product reviews and content expressed on my blog are based solely on my personal experience and research.  The products I recommend may or may not work on other people so please use with discretion.

I may be contacted through Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MickeyTsai and remember to follow my blog and comment! ^^r


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  1. ReadersHeaven
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 01:24:58

    Hi, nice to meet you !


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