Kose Cosmeport Moisture Mild White w care set Review

I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago, and found this Kose Cosmeport Moisture Mild White dual pack.  The white bottle is for daytime, this milk protects your skin from harmful UV rays while reducing the creation of melanin.  The blue-bottle is for night-time, this thick pasty cream not only reduces the creation of melanin but softens our dead skin cells gently which helps lift darkness and old skin cells away from your skin.  This helps our skin absorb more vitamins in the product.

The night I brought it home, I washed my face, toned, and sat down at my vanity table thinking…okay, I haven’t heard much about this product so is it trust-worthy?  It’s by Kose, how bad can it be?  I opened the cream c which is for night-time, and dabbed a little on my finger to test on my hand.  It was extremely condensed and creamy.  The smell was a bit fruity, but also smelt like something my mom used when I was a kid.  Five minutes later, knowing I was not allergic, I applied very little on my face.  I think that’s all you need since it’s so pasty.  Unfortunately, I hate pasty, sticky, and heavy…which is what this cream is.  I was almost tempted to go wash it off, but for the sake of falling through with my beauty blog, I kept it on.  The next morning, I felt like my skin absorbed the product and was not shiny nor did I break out!   After using it a couple of nights now, I am slowly accepting the texture of the cream overall and did notice some slight whitening effect.  So, yes, it works…but I would not buy it again.  The heaviness is just too much for me.  I recommend this to combination to sensitive skin.

The daytime version of this product is light and airy but still packed with moisture.  I applied BB cream over this and it did not make it seem heavy, cakey, or streaky.  I like how the scent was almost non-existent and the milk had a cooling effect.  Although, this is very light, it is also very moisturizing.  It has helped my skin stay moisturized even when I stayed in the sun all day and didn’t make me too shiny.  I have mild oily skin and can break-out pretty easily so this is a decent product to keep my skin moisturized. This also has a smoothing effect on my skin, it is like a base for make-up so that is a bonus.  So, while I moisturize, I’m creating a base for my BB cream and protecting my skin from the effects of the sun.  I would recommend this product to all skin types.

Over-all, I am satisfied with the products since, after all, it was purchased from T&T!


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  1. Melina
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 18:39:10

    Great article.


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